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  • Gorcave

    A dwarven town located inside a mountain, famous for their weapon crafting abilities and a main trading source with [[GoreCity | GoreCity]]. Gorcave is the home of [[:gorten-gorshove | Gorten Gorshove]] and [[:feight | Feight]]

  • GoreCity

    A wealthy dwarven city surrounded by giant steel walls. Home to the [[Hand of a higher power]] and a city of great invention. GoreCity is the only place in [[Reganor]] where you can find guns and electric lighting. Most of the shops in GoreCity are …

  • Lord Crutlin HeroesBlood

    Father of [[:davmorne-heroesblood | Davmorne HeroesBlood]], who was murdered by [[:gorten-gorshove | Gorten Gorshove]] in the town of [[Gorcave | Gorcave]]. He rules over all the dwarves from atop his throne in [[GoreCity | GoreCity]].

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